A Not So Ordinary Night*

It was an ordinary night when I got home from work last October 10.  It was a tiring day, and as a way to wind down, I decided to watch some videos of a band whose music had been inside my head the whole day that day – The Killers.  It’s been 2 weeks after their show here in Manila, but my post-concert high still hadn’t worn off!

I didn’t have any intention of opening any other tabs except for YouTube because I had lots of things to do that night, and I didn’t want to get too distracted. Eventually though, I decided to check my Facebook account since I was already logged on to the internet.  Might as well check it.  It wouldn’t take me long, anyway.

The usual posts were there – food, coffee shops, pets, babies, and a whole slew of useless information.  I switched to another account instead, wherein there I saw a startling post – there was a rumor that Phoenix were finally going to visit the Philippines! Suddenly, The Killers’ music sounded so distant, as if someone had turned the volume so low that I could no longer hear it.  It faded in the whirl that was beginning to form in my head.

I then paused the video, and searched the internet for some confirmation, but I could not find any. My heart was racing, and my mind was wondering – Where the hell did these people hear this rumor? And why am I not aware of it? I quickly contacted someone who might have the answer. This person works in the concert production industry, so I asked whether he knew anything about it. Luckily, he replied promptly and verified it. Mother of all surprises, it was not a rumor after all!

He then directed me to the source of the news. I headed over to the source’s website, and there it was – a rainbow and an announcement that something “cool” was coming our way.  How come I didn’t get this on my news feed?!?

At exactly 20:00, I refreshed the site.  And then, boom!

come here, karpos multimedia peeps, let me give you a big hug!

I couldn’t believe it! I let out a scream when I saw the poster. It was too good to be true! I couldn’t help staring at the photo. Tears of joy gathered around my eyes not only because of excitement, but also relief (and to a tiny small degree, accomplishment, I guess :D ).  I stayed there on the net, digging some other news that I could find and spreading it as well.

The internet was all abuzz – fans of the band were elated and threads of conversation spread like wild-fire.  However, since I still had some work to do that night, I forced myself to leave the noisy pockets of those social media sites to have some dinner first, so I could do the things I should do.  As soon as I closed them, all the clatter of the fans dissolved into the silent background of my house.  I was alone, and the world wherein I was just moments earlier could no longer penetrate outside my laptop.

I resumed listening to The Killers. This time, Spaceman played.

I ate my late dinner with an excited heart, mind filled with the Phoenix concert, and a head bobbing to the extremely bouncy tune of Spaceman, a song which is ironically about suicide.   Yes, it was a strange mix!

What I thought would be a productive night turned out to be the complete opposite.  And what I thought would be an ordinary night unexpectedly turned out to be not so ordinary after all.

For more details on the concert, visit Karpos Multimedia Inc.’s FB page and Official Website

p.s.  Thanks Karpos for bringing Phoenix to Manila.  And thank you for proving my gut feel correct!


I originally posted this entry on October 13, 2013 but for some reason, I felt that it still wasn’t its time to be seen, so I hid it almost a week after I had published it.  But now, I think it is time.  

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