“Gigging As Pilgrimage…

or I Know Why I Decided To Get In a Car, Put Up With Traffic And Get Lost In Makati Just To Watch Some Band Play Four Bloody Songs!”*


It all boils down to this: “Why go to a gig?” We go because it is fun. We go because there are people there who actually like us. Just as screwed up and just as extraordinary. We go because we belong…for once. We go because we don’t want to think about school. We go because we want to quit our day-jobs. We go because we’re sick of worrying about money. We go because we’re looking. For something. For someone. We go because we want to forget. We go because we need to remember. And we always…ALWAYS…go for the Music. Music of our own. Music that our parents will never like. Music that some of our “peers” will never understand. Music worth fighting for. Music that may or may not provide answers. I mean…shit…are we even asking the right questions? But, in the end, we go for Music that expresses how WE feel. Because if some dude on stage is screaming his guts out, singing about things that WE experience on a daily basis…then maybe we’re NOT as alone as we thought we were. Pretty damned empowering for a generation that is constantly being reminded that it has no power in the grander scheme of things. Or are we?


*excerpt taken from “Gigging as Pilgrimage…” by Christopher Carlos
article originally found on saguijo’s website http://www.saguijo.com/news.php

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