Musings of A Far Sighted Crow

why is it sometimes difficult to see what’s right there in front of you? why is it so easy to listen to the murmurs of others yet so hard to listen to the screaming language of the soul? why does it sometimes take someone a second look to realize and appreciate something that’s always been there all along? the answer probably lies in the readiness of a person to perceive things. if one is not prepared to see, feel and truly listen to something, one will not be able to truly make sense of everything that surrounds her/him, of every little thing within her/him. failing to grab opportunities and golden possibilities the first time they knock may be forgivable (one might not have been ‘ready’ then.) rarely though that they do come around twice, for moments of life, are like the ticking of a clock or the falling of water– they don’t revert. however, sometimes fate can be gracious enough to give another round of luck, of chances, of new promises. and when that time comes, better extend your arms open wide and say “i’m ready this time.”

and that’s what i’m going to do.

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