Random Acts of Kindness

A few days back, I went to the supermarket to get myself afew things.  After running the errand, I got myself in a queue to get a ride home.  It was raining that night, but not quite hard.  I had my umbrella inside my bag but I did not bother to use it.  As I was holding heavy grocery bags, I didn’t want to open it up anymore and carry those grocery bags in one hand and hold an umbrella in the other.  I thought it was just a hassle to open it up.  Besides, the ride was already pulling up and I just decided to wait for it.  The rain did not trouble me anyway.  It was actually nice to feel the rain on my skin.  Suddenly, out of the blue, someone called out to me.  It was a woman and she was holding an umbrella.  “Miss!” she said and shook her umbrella and invited me to get some cover.   I gladly accepted her invitation and thanked her for her consideration.  Before long, the ride arrived; I got in, and headed home.

“What a nice person!” I thought to myself on the way home.  I mean, the rain was not pouring hard anyway and she could have just kept the umbrella to herself, but she didn’t.  She took the time to offer a person some help even though it was not asked of her.

Kindness does not always have to be shown in a massive way like adopting an orphan from another continent or donating a hefty check to some charitable institution.  Benevolence can be shown even in very simple ways – offering your seat to a pregnant woman in the Metro, saying “thank you” to the waitress/waiter who brought your meal,  or even by holding the elevator doors to someone who is trying to catch it.

In a movie I once saw (I already forget what the title is though), one character there said that if you want to change the world, you could carry it out by doing one random act of kindness, no matter how small it might seem, at a time.  Makes sense, no?

I guess what other people say is right.  It’s always about the little things…

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