a message from the universe

just right after i posted the previous entry, the universe had heard me and decided to give shower me some advice through the help of… astrology! although do i check my forecast occasionally, i do not entirely subscribe to astrology. i do not take it very seriously, aware of the fact that no one can really chart the destinies of other people. however, i cannot also deny the fact that the universe does send out messages and signs through things, events and people; it just so happened that my courier was an astrologer.

actually, something happened in the first half of the year that made me do not want to believe in signs anymore. i thought to myself that maybe signs were just things which i wanted to see, a mere projection of the mind – a habit of seeing patterns and messages in things that did not really carry any significance at all. the scarier part of my realization was this: what if i did see these signs and misinterpreted them all?

however, what i read last night was like a direct reply to my questions! there was no margin for misinterpretation. it was as if the astrologer had read my thoughts (or blog) and sent out this transmission to cyberspace, expecting me to chance upon it.

my cosmic message came from the astrological report of susan miller of www.astrologyzone.com. it is of course intended for all librans, but i think that this message can also be helpful to anyone regardless of what her/his star is.

so am i back to believing in signs and cosmic messages again? i don’t know. for now, i’ll just follow the cosmic message below. i’ll cross the bridge when i get there.

Whenever Saturn enters any house of the horoscope, it signals a time to change your approach, for Saturn is there to show you that the wind has changed direction. If you use the same formula to deal with life’s difficult times that you always have used, you will find that for some reason, the methods suddenly don’t work any more. You’ve been wrangling with Saturn long enough to know that at first, when you saw this happening, you were puzzled you, then probably quite frustrated. The way out of the maze that you find yourself in is to try something new.

What you used to know as truth is now outdated – you must find a new truth. Saturn will continue to twist your arm until you cry uncle and say, “OK, OK, I will try something new – anything to stop this incessant pain!” Once you become experimental and try something new, you find you are on the way to cracking the code on your dilemma. Even if you try the wrong approach at first, Saturn will be pleased that you are stepping with the program and at that point (and only then) Saturn will send in helpers to advise you. I have seen this happen over and over in just about everyone’s chart who has been under Saturn. We all waste time at the start, trying desperately to use old formulas that always used to do the trick, but they just don’t work.


Suffering is essentially lonely. Friends and relatives tend to say the most hurtful things innocently when our suffering is at the highest point. Why is that? I have never been able to figure that out, but I suppose people mean well. Sure as mud, somehow people say things that dismiss your problem or belittle it. Or, they say it will just go away by itself (it won’t – things will get better only when you make them better, a true Saturn lesson.) You may get to the point where you don’t want to tell anyone anything, for fear if you do, others will say things that will only make you feel worse.

I know it is so easy for me to tell you to hang on, but please believe me – you are doing well, and learning much. Others around you may not understand the loneliness and alienation that Saturn brings in these trends, especially if they have not experienced anything similar. Saturn always isolates – it is the trademark of a Saturn trend, for Saturn wants to encourage your resourcefulness to find your way out of the maze.


Here is an idea I thought about. When you have a problem you are trying to solve, ask a variety of people for advice. Ask your  grandmother, your father, your best friend, your professor, or your co-worker for their stories and their wisdom. Just as a scientist goes into a rainforest or studies a certain bacteria to help solve pain and suffering of disease, we must be social scientists too, in the laboratory of life. Ask people and you may get amazing ideas. Some of the most profound knowledge has come to me from discussions with my mother or my late father, from my ex-husband, a casual acquaintance at the cafe, or from a taxi driver in New York City. My children never fail to astound me with their perceptions. Inspiration springs from very unusual sources, just when you never expect to get an epiphany. I have learned it is not the answers in life that we need, but rather, the questions.

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