anong klaseng libro ‘to? (in english: wth?!)

Host: Okay, Mary, are you ready?  What’s your first question?
Mary:  Bachelor #1, if you saw me walking down the street, what would you do to get my attention?
Bach 1:  I’d whistle and tell you how pretty you are.
Mary:  Hmm.. not bad.  What would you do, Bachelor #2?
Bach 2:  I’d take out a hundred dollar bill and wave it at you.

Harris, Tim and Allan Rowe. Exploring English 6. p.66

* * *

ako:  tignan mo ‘to.  (ipinakita sa iba ang pahina…)  ok lang ‘tong librong ‘to??  ganito daw ba isulat sa librong pambata!  anong klaseng libro ‘to?

(me: look at this [shows the book to another person]  what’s wrong with this book??  why write something like this in a children’s textbook?  what kind of a book is this?)

kausap: (tumawa) g***ng libro!

(other person: [laughs] the sh**ty kind!)


Bromberg, Liebb, and Traiger.  504 Absolutely Essential Words 5th Ed. p.151.

“paucity – scarcity; shortage ex.  Because of the paucity of migrant workers, the fruits remained unpicked.”

 * * *

at mga migrant workers pa talaga ang kailangan para lang mapitas ang mga prutas eh no?

(and it’s really the migrant workers’ job to pick the fruits, eh?)

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