…about a pretty sunset

“Like a bad tempered prom queen at a homecoming dance
And I claim I’m not excited with my life anymore
So I blame this town, this job, these friends, the truth is it’s myself
And I’m trying to understand myself and pinpoint who I am
When I finally get it figured out, I’ve changed the whole damn plan

Talking shit about a pretty sunset

 Blanketing opinions that I’ll probably regret soon
Changed my mind so much I can’t even trust it
My mind changed me so much I can’t even trust myself ”      


– Modest Mouse, Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset

4 thoughts on “…about a pretty sunset

  1. I love this song and I love how you tagged it with quarter-life crisis. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to this song and hadn’t made that connection yet myself. Thanks 🙂

    • hey sidespoke! thanks for dropping by! 🙂
      actually i have not heard this song yet (*makes a mental note to check out its video later!*) i just saw the lyrics partially in a certain website i visited last month. i was able to relate to it immediately since it aptly and exactly described (and still does) my situation.

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