The Closest Thing to a Time Machine

What is the closest thing to a time machine?  A subtle scent of a fruity lotion can remind you of the time when your mother used to use something like that when you were younger.  Foods can bring back memories of your barkada hanging out in some restaurant.  Even the freshness of the cold morning air can bring you memories of a trip abroad you once had.  How about fashion?  Leggings, big teased hair, blue eye shadow, shoulder pads – 80s, anyone? Photographs certainly do.  It is a frozen scene on printed paper!  But for some it is music.  One song can easily flood your  brain with memories of the time you met that one special person for the very first time.  Lyrics can transport you to the time when you thought your world was on the verge of falling apart.  Or that time when you were redeemed.  With the right harmony, soul, and message, music can move you and bring you even to the future.   That is the power of music.  And it is for me my personal time machine.

As I’ve bade adieu to 2011, I look back at the songs that made it to my personal soundtrack.  Every year, songs make it to my soundtrack, painting a picture of the year that was even without me telling you exactly how my year went.  They were included for several reasons:  they inspired me, commiserated with me, gave me pieces of advice, made me dance, or just merely reminded me of something, someone, or even myself.

This entry for me is a restrospection.  For you, dear readers, this can be a source of musical discoveries, or at the very least, curiosity and intrigue. Whatever mystical reason, that brought you to my site, you can click at some of the song titles so you can get acquainted with these songs yourself.  Who knows, one of these could even end up in your own personal soundtrack this 2012.

 * * *

What the Hell? by Avril Lavigne (whut?  Avril?!  But yeah, what the hell!)

Illuminate I by WilaBaliw

Tiamat by Queso

Burnout and Mariposa by Sugarfree

I Can’t Stop This Feeling I’ve Got by Razorlight

Belle of the Boulevard by Dashboard Confessional*

Dare You To Move*, Stars*, Mess of Me, Always, Beautiful Letdown, Awakening by Switchfoot

How Could Anyone Possibly Know How I Feel by Morrisey

Half of My Heart by John Mayer

You’re Not The Only Person by Rumble Strips

Nowhere Fast* by Incubus

X&Y by Coldplay

Indecision by Steven Page

Choices by The Hoosiers

Let’s Dance to Joy Division by The Wombats

That Says It All by Duncan Sheik

I Go Away by Mndr

Adolescents, Out From Under, Pardon Me, Just A Phase, Midnight Swim by Incubus

Crazy Times by Jars of Clay

War of My Life by John Mayer

You Are A Tourist by Death Cab For Cutie 

Miron, Brad, Hiram by Twisted Halo

Sugat, Alay Sa Mga Nagkamalay sa Dekada Nobenta by Dicta License

Money by The Drums

I hope know more positive songs will be included in my soundtrack for 2012!

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