In Anticipation…

The last time I visited Phoenix’s official website, this was the picture that greeted me… or at least something similar to it. But today, I was surprised to see this instead.

Since I did not have a clue what the word meant, I went to the most reliable source on the internet to find the answer –  Wikipedia.  The wise website states that Thermidor was the eleventh month in the French Republican Calendar. It also defined the term as “the phase in some revolutions when the political pendulum swings back towards something resembling a pre-revolutionary state, and power slips from the hands of the original revolutionary leadership.” In what way the word is connected to the music of French indie alternative band Phoenix, I do not know yet (but I’m guessing it is the title of a new album or a single). What I do know for certain though is that something new is finally cooking.

l-r: deck d’arcy; christian mazzalai; my favorite member, laurent mazzalai (a.k.a. laurent brancowitz); and thomas mars

And they’re cooking, all right!  The band’s latest journal entry shows that Phoenix is back in the studio to work on their fifth album after their highly successful and Grammy award-winning 2009 release, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (WAP). Designer and photographer Hedi Slimane provides some pieces of evidence of the band working.

For fans of Phoenix such as I, this is good news! Well, if you can still call that news.  I did not notice it immediately but the “latest” journal entry I had just read was actually published one year ago!  Shoot.  (It is quite apparent that I have not visited their site for quite a while, huh?)  Despite learning about this development belatedly, this does not stop me from being thrilled.  I wonder what their new music would sound like.  Would their musical pendulum swing back to something that resembles a pre – Lisztomania state or would it slip into something that is more revolutionary?  I hope they release the record soon so I can have the answer.  Or at least I hope Phoenix would update their fans and not just keep all the juicy, fun stuff to themselves!

Let’s leave Paris and New York for a while and focus on a brilliant musical species proudly indigenous to this shore, who, by the way, also has a new musical offering.

Four years after his first solo effort, Your Universe, took the music scene by storm, Rico Blanco is back with a new album called Galactik Fiestamatik. According to an article of, Galactic Fiestamatik offers a “festive adventure that seems ethnic, folk, punk, and futuristic, all at once, with Blanco’s signature songwriting as the centerpiece.” Furthermore, Blanco himself describes the record “as more abrasive, more flawed than correct, production-wise.”

In one of Myx’s programs (the title of which I do not know though. It is the one wherein Francis Reyes and VJ Chino are awkwardly paired), Reyes said that some people in the music industry say that Blanco’s second album is so good, it would put Your Universe in the dust!

On June 4, Blanco will release the album’s carrier single, Amats, which will let the public have a taste of this intriguing and highly applauded album.  Let us wait and see if the fearless forecast would prove itself true.

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