This Charming Man

Now my question is: why can’t I meet a guy like James McAvoy? Is it too much to ask?

Oh wait, I think I’ve left large chunks of other thoughts unarticulated! Pardon me. My fingers cannot catch up with my brain at the moment. The torrential rains that have been saturating the islands and the dismal gray blanket that has been painting the skies for a week now are affecting the way I think… and feel. I have been sick since last week and have actually spent the bigger part of the workweek at home, suffering from fever, dizziness, and respiratory infections. Splendid!

Before the rains and the flu invaded my system, I had been exposed to James McAvoy films that played repeatedly on cable. Although I had seen them before, I had no choice but to watch them again and again, too! I couldn’t help it.  I am a moth and he is one hot flame.

Well, actually I would not exactly describe him as “hot.”  He does not exactly scream sex appeal.  He doesn’t have a slamming physique and he’s not even that tall! He has a boyish and good-looking face but not really the type you would take a second look at if you met him casually in the street.  I think “charming” is a more appropriate word to describe him, not “hot.”  He exudes a certain appeal not because of his physical qualities but because of his fine acting abilities.

as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan in The Last King of Scotland

I saw him for the first time sometime in the mid-2000s in the movie “The Last King of Scotland” and I was immediately drawn to his performance. I could quickly tell that he was a brilliant actor.  After that, I was hooked.

In case you’re not familiar with James McAvoy, you might know him as:

the faun Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Thomas LeFroy in Becoming Jane

as Wesley Gibson in Wanted. Yes, he was the one who could “Curve the bullet!”

the young and groovy Prof. Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class

Now back to the question I have posed earlier: why can’t I meet a guy like James McAvoy? Is it too much to ask?  Maybe I’m living on the wrong side of the planet.

Hmm… Dear Scotland, do you have other charming guys like James McAvoy hiding in your lush rolling hills? If so, let me know.

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