anglesinasphere Turns 1 Today! :)

“lingid sa kaalaman ng marami, hindi ito ang aking unang ‘blog’. pagkatapos ng college, nagkaroon ako ng blog. nung una, ayoko rin kasi hindi ako yung klaseng tao na komportableng mapangangalandakan sa buong madla ang mga bagay-bagay na nangyayari sa buhay ko. sa utak ko, bakit ako magtatapat sa mga taong di ko kakilala? pero sa kalaunan, nalaman ko na, minsan, mas madaling magtapat sa mga estranghero kaysa sa mga taong malapit sa’yo.

pero hindi nagtagal yung blog na yun. naka 4 o 5 posts lang ata ako dun ‘tapos di ko na napuntahan ulit. parang mas trip ko pa rin kasi yung old school na journal writing.. yung gagamit ka ng papel at ballpen? mas personal pa rin kasi.. sulat kamay mo mismo at hindi keyboard ang ‘yong gagamitin. mahahawakan mo yung mga pahina, maririnig mo ang paglipat nito, maaamoy. maaksaya nga lang kasi bili ka nang bili ng notebooks at ballpen at pag dumami na ng dumami, maraming kakaining espasyo sa kwarto, pero pag nakikita ko yung mga journals na nakahilera na parang mga libro sa isang aklatan, naaaliw ako. kulang na lang lagyan ko sila ng call number at magkaroon ng sariling OPAC.”

~ Excerpt taken from an earlier blog of mine, July 2008

* * *

When I started anglesinasphere (ais) one year ago, I did not have any other objective in mind except to make the blog as an avenue to express myself. I like writing; it has always been a hobby of mine. I have always considered writing as a good kind of release, may it be in the form of essays, stories, or poetry. Although I like writing and I have a blog now, I was not originally open to the idea of having a blog. As I have mentioned in the quote above, I had my reservations. Having a blog means exposing details of my life to a world of strangers, and being an introvert, I do not reveal my emotions and thoughts to people quite easily; I tend to keep things to myself. In fact, my journals, which I started in early high school, probably know more details of my life than the people around me do!

However, I realized later on that sometimes it is actually less difficult to open up to strangers than to those who are closer to you. Sometimes, when you open up to strangers, there is no judgement, or at least they can be less harsh than your family and friends. In addition, when kept solely in journals, thoughts become like prisoners confined by walls, but when you blog them, they are somehow thrown out into the universe, and things feel lighter.

My introduction to the blogging world started with the LPU – the Linkin Park Underground. Yes, Linkin Park as in the rock band! I was a huge fan when they started and when I found out that their fansite had a blog section, I decided to try it out. At that time, I was going through some personal crisis and so most of my posts were concentrated on themes of pain and confusion. Linkin Park’s music pretty much complemented my situation back then, and so it was kind of fitting that I had my first blog there!

I did not let anyone know about the blog’s existence. Just like my journals, they remained a secret. (Well, technically, it was not really a secret, as many LP fans could readily access my entries. I mean, the blog at least was a secret to dear family and friends.) But my LPU blog did not last long. I stopped posting after the 4th or 5th entry then I reverted to writing in my journals. I still felt that writing using real ink and paper was more sincere and more charming. After I shut my LPU blog down, I said to myself that I would not put up blogs anymore.

Then came Multiply. Then MySpace… I ate my words.

But just like my LPU blog, my Multiply and MySpace blogs did not last long as my contacts in the former lost interest in it as a newer social media popped up – Facebook; consequently, I lost my readers. As to MySpace, well, it later on became cyberspace’s venue for a booty call! No one really cared about blogs there. I realized I was totally in the wrong place. Although putting up accounts for both sites was initially unintended, these two sites helped me become more open… relatively. Some of the things I used to write only in my journals or emails sent to close friends were suddenly out in public. I also wrote about diverse topics at this time such as politics, society, history, music, movies, etc.

For a time, I was blogless. I thought it would be ok, but soon after, I suddenly felt the desire to put up a real and serious blog. This time, I wanted the blog to be more legit, so in July of 2011, I decided to create anglesinasphere (AIS). When I put it up, I had no other intention but to express everything in my head. I did not care whether people would drop by it or not. Readership was not really that significant. I just wanted to have a place to release my opinions, vent out, or even share things that I couldn’t disclose with family or friends – because occasionally, they were the subjects of my entry! I did not let anyone know about this blog’s existence. I did neither publicise nor promote it. Being included in WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed” was never even a goal. In my mind, if somebody stumbled upon it, then fine. If no one did, it was likewise fine with me. I just needed a place for my head.

In the beginning, AIS rarely had any visitors. There were days when the stat graph was flat and the screen screamed “O views.” After some time though, and little by little, there was movement in the statistics. 0 became 1, 1 became 5, and 5 became 10. The more I wrote entries, I noticed that more and more people began dropping by. I must admit that although readership was not important to me, eventually, I kind of felt glad when people did visit. Then one unassuming day in December, I was completely surprised when the graph suddenly spiked – from the usual 8 to 11 visitors, the graph unexpectedly became 63! Whatthef*k happened, I did not know! I did guess, though, that this sudden increase in number had to be connected with someone who could have possibly shared one of my entries to many people. I assumed that this must be the doing of a person who had some following, but who could it be??

yes, i really had to have a screen shot of this…

It took me a while to figure out the mystery. Finally, I remembered that under each entry, there was a stupid “Share” button and I could actually see the details of the “likes” and “shares.” Little did I know that my review of Admit One Production’s finale gig would be discovered by one of the founding members of the production itself. I could not believe it!

Another highlight in AIS’s life was when I made an album review and the band itself saw the review and shared it to their fans through Facebook and Twitter. Once again, I was surprised. I never expected any of this to happen when I began AIS. For me, writing those two entries was just one of my ways to document what happened in my life – records of my past experiences and my viewpoints. A handful of people had “liked” some of my entries before, but I never really realized that they would matter significantly to anyone enough to be considered worthy of sharing to a larger number of people. To be honest, I felt appreciated!

… and of this one…

… and of this one, too! haha 😀

After these two events had occured, I began to consider putting up another blog. Since statistics told me that my most read entries were those related to music, I felt that it would be appropriate that the new site would be mostly concentrated on just that. So on June 2012, months before the intended birth, anglesinasphere’s sister was born: the edge of sound.

Now I have an additional blog where I can jot my thoughts down. And because of this, my mind now is constantly thinking and coming up with all sorts of ideas to put there. The only problem is that I cannot update them as often as I want to due to lack of time. Sometimes I wish I could just quit my day job and concentrate on blogging instead!

My blogging has definitely gone a long way from its LPU days. I am so glad that I decided to sign up for a WordPress account that one find day in July. Now that thousands of people have come to visit the site since then, sometimes I wonder how my writing could have affected them. Is it possible that I have changed the perspectives of others through my words? If so, in what way could it be?

As I celebrate this humble event, I wonder how far into the future I can continue this. Will I able to keep these two babies forever? Or will I suddenly lose interest in it, too somewhere down the road? But enough of wondering. I guess I should just enjoy this whole thing while it is still here, right? And for you, who is reading this entry right at this very moment, should do the same! Feel free to look around, there’s nothing to break here, anyway. And for whatever reason that brought you here today, I’d like to say thanks for stopping by just the same.

Salamat and cheers! 🙂

* the first official entry for anglesinasphere was posted on august 28, 2011.

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