So, this is the New Year?

The world has just ushered in another year several hours ago.  Hello, 2013!  The Mayans fortunately had faulty calculations and the world as we knew it was not obliterated last December 21.  Fireworks, champagne, good food, the company of family and friends – these are the usual ingredients of a New Year’s Eve celebration.  It is a time when we look back at the year that was and look forward to the arrival of a new one.  This occasion is usually met with hope and optimism.  Usually.

Realistically speaking, not everyone feels the same way about the New Year.  The New Year may be considered by some as nothing but an ordinary passage of night to day.  An addition to a person’s biological age.  Same sh*t, different year.

If you are one of those people who share the same sentiment, you are not alone.  Death Cab for Cutie and Switchfoot unabashedly sing about desperation and sadness on this supposedly joyful occasion.


Luckily, I cannot relate to these songs – at least not for this New Year.  For those who can, I wish you the best.  Peace will eventually destroy the chaos!  Cheer up.  Even a bit.

Have a beautiful and meaningful 2013 everyone.  Let’s make it count.

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