Manila Wants Phoenix!

When I first saw and heard Phoenix several years ago, their music did not immediately make an impression on me.  I often saw their videos on MTV but their music simply entered one ear and exited the other.  To me they were just another British band trying to make it big.  (I don’t know why but I just assumed that they were British!)  Little did I know that almost a decade from that time, I would put up a page dedicated to them.  Ironic how some things play out in life, no?

Manila Wants Phoenix (Phoenix | Philippines) is essentially a fan page where people can discuss things about the band.  It’s also a place where fans can clamor for the boys to visit the Philippines.

Fans… I wonder how many Filipino fans are out there.  Some five years ago when I joined the Phoenix Forum – which no longer exists now, unfortunately – I did not get to see any other fans from the Philippines, which was a bit frustrating and lonely.  If there were, well, they were quite quiet.  Now I hope, more people have been exposed to and appreciated Phoenix’s music.

So, this is an invitation to other fellow Pinoys to join the club.  If you love Phoenix’s music and can’t get enough of them, then let Manila Wants Phoenix be a place for you to proclaim your admiration for these multi-talented quartet.  And who knows, MWP might even be instrumental in bringing the boys themselves here in the Philippines! *fingers crossed*

I have just put up the page days ago and so it’s still practically bare.  Feel free to post anything, provided of course it’s connected to Phoenix and their music.  Those who are not from the Philippines are likewise welcome to join!

Hope to see you guys there.  Spread the word.

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