Acquaintanceship and Rediscoveries

Despite my attempts to get back to writing, here I am unable to articulate my thoughts still. My ideas for the list of topics I have wanted to tackle for months now remain unreleased and merely continue to swirl with my memories and bits of my brain. That’s it! I wave my white flag! I am just going to let my thoughts be for a little while if that’s what they want. I’ll let them acquaint themselves with other concepts and words they haven’t met yet. Maybe if I stop bugging them to come out, they will be richer. I just hope they decide to hang out with me again soon afterwards.

While waiting for new circles of friendships to be born, I’ve decided to set aside that stupid topic list for a while and simply force myself to write about something entirely unplanned instead (no matter how dry it might turn out): something about my life. There isn’t anything going on in my life right now that is as spectacular as fireworks. The only thing that is within the vicinity of “slightly interesting” is my journey through old pieces of music.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Phoenix since Bankrupt! came out, and since I also manage an FB page for the band, I research many things about them to post on the page. I see and read about them almost every day and I’ve already reached my saturation level! I need to take a break from them. So I browsed through my humble music collection and chose to play music I rarely play nowadays. I thought it would be a good way to not only rinse Phoenix off my palette but also get some inspiration for writing.

Some of the albums I’ve dusted off are:

Two other albums join the list and they are:

which are actually enjoying more attention than the others. Why the special treatment? Because I want to absorb their music before they visit the Philippines exactly 3 days from now!

I am not a big fan of the band; in fact, Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town are not even mine. They’re my sister’s. I know the music in these two albums even before now, and I am familiar with all of their singles and a few music videos they’ve released, but I don’t know anything about the band itself except for Brandon Flowers! I like their music and I’ve danced along to it, but my interest in them is obviously not enough to say that I am a loyal follower. That is why when I learned that they’re coming back to Manila* a couple of months ago to finally perform here, I didn’t get all too hyped up.

I did have the desire to see them because – as ridiculous as this may sound – I wanted to see their stage design! I remember watching their live performance of Human on MTV Europe Awards 2008 and I was greatly amused with it. I told myself that if ever The Killers visited Manila, I would watch them because of their music, and to a slightly bigger degree, their set design. That silly reason, however, dramatically changed when I revisited the streets of Sam’s Town and Hot Fuss.

Hearing those two albums again after a long time awakened me. How come I never appreciated their music this much before?? [This is one question I always ask whenever I rediscover music, but I know I shouldn’t anymore because I do know the answer **] Now, I am able to hear the finer details of their sound and carefully dissect their lyrics. Listening to the band’s old music now makes me appreciate their latest material even more. Not to mention, it makes me extremely excited about the concert. I no longer care about what their stage & light design would be so long as I experience their music live. I have actually become more excited than I had expected myself to be! I am not that familiar with their non-single tracks, but I still have a few more days until I fully digest them especially the one on Battle Born… Which reminds me, shit, I still don’t have my tickets yet!!!***

My goal to unblock my mind has led me to a quick journey down musical past. I am not sure if this “forced writing” would be effective in easing the thoughts out of my brain, but it’s a (re)start. Listening to those albums above has also given me ideas on what to write about in the future and even how to write them. The music of the “oldies,” plus the upcoming concert of The Killers I hope will create tiny sparks of inspiration, which will turn into decent fires.


* The Killers had a scheduled concert in Manila in 2010 but cancelled it with the rest of the other Asian dates due to some “unforeseen circumstances.” Later on, they went on a hiatus. It’s only now that I’ve learned that the reason behind this cancellation was the death of Brandon Flowers’ mother.

** paragraph 7

*** I joined a contest to win a pair of VIP tickets and the radio station has not announced the winners yet! The concert’s 3 days away! I need to know if I won or not now so I could scramble to buy one if I didn’t! Ugh. The wait is KILLing me.

This entry is also posted on my music blog, The Edge of Sound.  Visit EOS to read more music related articles.

P.S.  I’ve written The Killers concert review in The Edge of Sound.  Check it out!  And, for those who may be wondering if I won the tickets… Unfortunately, I didn’t win the radio contest so I had to buy them.  They were well worth it, anyway! ~ Sept. 29, 2013

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