about anglesinasphere

“like angles in a sphere / we’re of our own design / no more perpetual reticence
/ with our words we make shapes / our angles can align / yeah!”

– While the Vultures Feed by Incubus –

* * *

anglesinasphere is, as wordpress called it while it was under construction, just another wordpress.com site.  and it’s true.  it is a faint voice in the vast expanse of the blogging universe;  nevertheless, it is still a voice.  and we all know that having a voice is one of the most difficult things one can achieve.  in a world where there are billions of voices and limitless rippling echoes, finding one’s voice and letting it out means finding your identity, finding your piece of peace.

anglesinasphere is just about that.   it’s a voice that would talk about all sorts of things, issues, and stories, seen from the author’s perspective.  it can be deep; it can be mundane.  it can be funny; it can be tragic.  it can be dark and it can be light.  it can be everything.  it can be nothing.

but that’s her own angle.  read on to find out yours.

* * *

p.s.  the first several blogs are reposts from the her other blogsites which no longer exist. the “official starter entry”  for this wordpress blog is “incubus in manila 2011″.  some entries would also be in filipino, her mother tongue.

also, check out her other site, theedgeofsound, which is a music-centered blog.

Salamat! 🙂

QC, Philippines

* * * *

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